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In Everything Give Your Best

A few days ago, I saw a good friend of mine and she showed me beautiful necklace, which was a replica of the “Mite” that the widow gave in the Holy Temple. I believe that the message of the “Widows Mite” speaks volumes on many levels with different important revelations of what God wants us to see and know. For me, the showing and demonstration of the necklace spoke to me immediately. It told me no matter what situation I am in, or how I may feel I should always remember to give my very best. It also teaches me that in life he has given so much to us, that we must give everything that we have within us and that it is our responsibility to give our very best to what he has called us to do. Today I ask you, “Are you giving your very best concerning what has been given to you?

“In Everything Give Your Best”

Nate Cropp, President & CEO
Walk Inspired Now



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