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I have been listening to a series of messages in the close of 2019 to now here in 2020. These messages for me has placed my heart and mind in a different place (process) of what I am used to.  I often think that certain things in my life should be given to me by default, because of who I am, maybe the little work I have done, and the effort that I have routinely put in. Sometimes I believe that the work is enough, and that it should resonate to being able to take to fertile ground to produce a great harvest. Honestly, there has been many times that I have rested on the work that I have put forth in the past, however I now realize that in this [LIFE] we are all given, it will be a constant [FIGHT] and [STRUGGLE] in being able to accomplish, succeed, receive, and [TRULY] have what is rightfully ours.

Through these series of messages my heart and mind has been [RENEWED]. I have faced many obstacles, disappointments, and struggles in my life (this will continue), and I now ask you and myself this question, “Did I [FIGHT] enough to get through the obstacles, disappointments, struggles?” I am not sure that I [FIGHT] or have [FOUGHT] enough in life for what I really, really, really wanted or believed I deserved I should have? The [TRUTH] of the matter, is that there is more that we [CAN DO] or could have done to be where we want to be in [LIFE]. Whether we consider ourselves rich, poor, or middle class we find ourselves having to be successful at maintaining what we have, want and trying to obtain.

Therefore, there is a level of [FIGHT] that we must [HAVE] AND [DO] that goes into where we are at this very moment. There is another question that I have for you and myself, “What does it take to go beyond where we are right now?” It takes [FIGHT], it takes [GRIT], it takes [FAITH], it takes [BELIEF] and a relentless and tenacious attitude that [I] will [NEVER GIVE UP] and [NEVER GIVE IN]. [WE] collectively will fight for what we [WANT], what we [BELIEVE IN]. [WE] will [FIGHT] for relationships, [WE] will [FIGHT] for our [FAMILY], [WE] will [FIGHT] for our [CHILDREN], [WE] will [FIGHT] for our [CAREERS], [WE] will [FIGHT] for our [DREAMS], [WE] will [FIGHT] for great [MENTAL HEALTH], [WE] will [FIGHT] for great [ PHYSICAL HEALTH}, [WE] will [FIGHT] to [LIVE], and [WE] will [FIGHT].

Nevertheless, [DO NOT BE DECEIVED] by what you [SEE]. Every person in this world must make a [DECISION] to [FIGHT]. I reflect on a few months ago when my mother had a heart catherization. We knew that she needed serious medical attention, however we were [HOPEFUL] that she would come out of the procedure fine. It was the complete opposite three months later. The doctors came out of the surgery and brought us into the consultation room. The news that he gave us was devastating to hear, which was our mother was very sick and she would be transferred into ICU. Her [HEART] was in very bad shape, and in order to get her through this, if she was to make it, she had to go through a series of strenuous medical care and attention. 

My father and my seven siblings [WITNESSED] everyday her [INTERNAL] and [OUTWARD] [FIGHT] to [LIVE]. To this day it still brings tears to my eyes to remember the pain, and anguish she was in not knowing where she was, or what she was going through. [BUT] there were [LITTLE] but [MAJOR] things [WITHIN] her [HEART] that we were able to [WITNESS], which was her [FIGHT]. She would quote scriptures and ask us to read specific scriptures that she called out to us while her [EYES] were closed and laid in the hospital bed attached to medical equipment. These scriptures gave her [COMFORT], [POWER], and above all [HELPED] her to [FIGHT]. 

I use this as an example to show that we all go through things in life directly or indirectly that affects how we examine our life, and how we [CAN] and [WILL] [WIN] in difficult situations. So, what should this story tell you and myself about [FIGHTING] for what we [WANT], to [LIVE], to be [BETTER], to [DO] [BETTER]. It tells us that we must pull out everything within us in order to [FIGHT TO WIN].

To this day my mother does not remember much of this, but we as a family do and we [HAD] to be a [WITNESS] to this. Why you might ask? Because [WE] needed to [WITNESS] how [EACH] of us must [FIGHT TO WIN] in order to conquer the many things, we will face in our [LIFE TIME]. Often in life we are given opportunities to [WITNESS] the [GRACE] and [STRENGTH] of others as they go through situations, and [WE] are [MORE THAN ABLE] to [GAIN] the [STRENGHT] [WE] need from [WITNESSING] them [FIGHT] their way [THROUGH]. 


Nate Cropp, President



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