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1. Self-Awareness (Know Who You Are)

Being self-aware provides us with direction on what our purpose and mission in life is. It provides us with the certainty and confidence on what we were created to do. We must be aware that the our very being is purposeful in the master plan of what we were CREATED TO DO. We must have SELF AWARENESS.

2. Power of A Dream

You must be a “Dreamer.” Believing in the possibilities of what could be. Cherish the aspiration never relinquishing your dreams to anyone or anything. Your dreams are appointed and anointed, therefore the power of your dreams is heavenly. Pursuing our dreams direct us in the ordained direction to what we are to do with the life we have been given. We must possess the POWER OF A DREAM.

3. Manifested Inspiration

The spiritual connection to tap into being inspired and giving inspiration. The strong feeling about the substance of the “thing” that you feel deeply about, as you continue to tap into it, it will manifest into the great passion, purpose and mission that was specifically  designed for you. We must MANIFEST INSPIRATION.

4. People Who Love You

No man or woman is an island unto themselves. However, we have to be wise in surrounding ourselves with those who love us, and have our genuine concern in their heart.  We will never be able to go the distance without the love and support of the people that care about Us. Surround yourself with people who love you. We must SURROUND YOURSELF WITH PEOPLE WHO LOVE US.

5. Learn From The Greats

In whatever we look to do or accomplish we will always have a model. Today we have the resources and technology to witness and interact with those who have done it before us. Even though, you have that special gift it takes time and it is a process to get it out. Therefore, we must learn from those who have come before us on how to harness our special gift and how to share it with the world in our purpose and passion. We must LEARN FROM THE GREATS.

6. Study To Show Thy Self-Approved

Even though you have the gift you must harness the gift by putting forth the work and the energy to manifest it. If we just rest on the gift we have been given, and not study and work to be the best we can be in our purpose and mission then we will not fully fulfill the purpose and mission of what we have been given (We Have Ultimately Short Changed Our self). The hard work and the maturation process provide us with the testing and ongoing purification process of being approved.  We must STUDY TO SHOW THY SELF APPROVED.

7. Work Your Goals

We must work our goals and not let our goals out work and live us. Anyone can simply write goals down and profess that they have goals, however it takes enormous amounts of energy to work our goals. We have to put forth energy to ensure that we do not let our goals collect dust but they have to be worked everyday persistently and consistently every day whether mentally physically we must work our goals. We must WORK OUR GOAL.


The courage and resolve. The strength and character to never quit or give up. The tenacity and the will to never quit no matter the pain, situations or circumstances. It is about being committed to the greater hope of what is on the other side of completing the task, journey, and overcoming  obstacles that will be in our paths. We must have GRIT.

9. Strategy Is A Must

We can never rest on our gift and our limited knowledge. We must seek and implement strategy in order to succeed and conquer what is before us. Strategy is detailed and precise, which is critical to providing the road map to what we are to execute in order to seizing the prize. We must have STRATEGY.

10. Put Faith Into Action

Yes, we must have FAITH in everything we do, but what good does FAITH do us if we do not put FAITH into ACTION.  We must move from the very thought of the inception of an idea to the movement of doing the very “thing” that we were purposed and CREATED TO DO. Therefore, no longer take the power away from FAITH by not moving forward in to ACTION.

Nate Cropp, President




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