Our Goal

The goal of the “WIN Youth Leadership Institute” is to inspire youth K-12 to develop leadership principles that will help them be leaders in their schools, communities and be an ambassador to help other youth become leaders.


Is to partner with the Department of Education, Schools, Teachers, and local organizations to teach students leadership principles one YOUTH and TEEN at a time.


Youth will learn the importance of leadership principles, determine core values, and morals. Youth will be able to understand the importance of being a leader and demonstrate leadership in school, their community, and have the foundation to build on their leadership skills.

  • 1

    Establishment of Core Values

  • 2

    Development of Self-Pride, Self-Awareness, Self- Control, Self-Respect and Personal Pride.

  • 3

    Establishment of Accountability, Responsibility, Sustainability

  • 4

    Dedicated Service to Others and community


Goals of Program

1. Identify with the 16 Values of Leadership
2. Take ownership of their choices
3. Practice Leadership Values and develop those skills
4. Evaluate themselves with their applied knowledge
5. Take turns guiding small group discussions

Goals of Program

1. How a loss provides a lesson
2. Area’s to WIN as a teenager
3. A loss propels you into learning

Goal of Program

YouthMAX Plus inspires and equips young people to value themselves and others, by developing and maintain a positive self-image, showing compassion for others, persevering in the middle of adversity, and creating a daily routine of successful attitudes and behaviors.